Thursday, October 27, 2011

The rain in Spain falls mainly.... never.

  For the first six weeks I was here, we did not have a drop of rain. Nobody seemed too concerned about it. Finally, a few days ago, we had our first day of rain. It was mostly just a sprinkle. But, I didn't have my rainboots (they didn't make the cut in my limited luggage space) so my feet were wet all day. The weather has rapidly changed from very warm to pretty cold almost over night. So the combination of the two has resulted in me getting sick. Bummer. And of course we have a break from school at the beginning of next week so my roommates and I are going out of town tomorrow. We're flying from Madrid to to Santander, in northern Spain. We're staying a night in Santander, Bilbao, and San Sebastian. Santander and San Sebastian are on the coast, but it's probably going to be too cold to go to the beach. Plus, you guessed it, it's supposed to rain. Really? No rain for six weeks and now it decides to rain all weekend all over the country? Oh well. We should have a fun trip anyway and I'm excited to see this part of the country. I've traveled a good bit in southern Spain because I studied abroad in Cadiz, but I never made it to the northwest. San Sebastian and Santander are supposedly very pretty coastal cities and Bilbao has the famous Guggenheim museum. When we get back to Madrid, we're celebrating my birthday and Halloween on the 31st! Although Halloween is not as popular here as it is in the States, people do get dressed up to go to parties in costumes. I've missed all our Halloween decorations and pumpkins- they're hard to find!

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