Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If there's a line in Spain, get in it!

. Spanish people love a good line. Seriously. It's common knowledge that you never eat a place unless it's full of people inside. My German roommate, informed us about this phenomenon because she had studied a semester here before. According to her, if they see a line, they just get in it. "It must be good!" And that's proved to be exactly true. Everywhere we go, we see the lines. When we're in the airport, people line up a good hour before boarding the plane. The only people sitting around looking confused are the Americans (and probably the Germans too). It's not like you're going to get on any faster, especially if you already have your seats assigned.
  The best line story we witnessed was a few weeks ago, outside an Abercrombie and Fitch store. Caitlin and I saw this massively long line and could not make out what it was for. There was no visible sign marking any kind of big event. We could hear music coming from inside the building and there were bouncers at the door. We thought it might be a discoteca (as people commonly stand in long lines for discotecas), but it was way too early for that. We asked some guy what the story was and he informed us that this was the line for the Abercrombie and Fitch store. Well is the king inside or was everything for free?? Nope, he informed us. Nothing special. It just opened recently, last April....  April?!? Oh well, I guess patience is a virtrue. We didn't dare say that there are three A&F stores in the Alpharetta mall alone.

 Check out this one from a Comic Convention:
The infamous Abercrombie video:

The last one is from Sol before the big Christmas lottery.

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