Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fútbol Mania

  Spain is home to, well, some of the world’s best soccer teams. You might have heard of our home team, Real Madrid. Crowds flood in from all over the city to the sacred Santiago Bernabeu stadium. This monstrous stadium holds 85,454 of some of the world’s loudest and most faithful futbol followers. Every gameday, the Real fans in my classrooms would sport their Cristiano and Casillas* jerseys. All the Barca (Barcelona) kids would give them a hard time about how they’ve beaten Real multiple times in this year’s  “El Clásico” matchups. -àFor more info about “El Clásico” click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Cl%C3%A1sico     The students would ask me if I liked Real Madrid or Barca, and when I always responded Real, half the class would cheer and the other gave me dirty looks. Easy way to make enemies in Spain- be a Barca fan in Madrid or vice versa.  So as I am very team spirited, of course I had to check out the action in the Bernabeu. Here are some shots.
     *Cristiano Ronaldo #7, Iker Casillas goalkeeper

                                             Watch this video of Real Madrid almost scoring! 

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