Friday, July 5, 2013

Peanut Butter

  Thanks to American media, everyone recognizes peanut butter as the staple "go-to" lunch for Americans. But the funny thing is that everyone who tries it here hates it. Once I brought peanut butter and jelly for lunch for my coworkers. They were hesitant at first about how exactly to eat the peanut butter so I made a few little sandwiches for them to try. Several tasted it but told me they were too sweet to eat for lunch. (??) One even asked if you could put ham on it (!!!). So not a big hit at the school. We tried to get our German roommate to like it, but in a very typical, direct German way, she politely told us that peanut butter was the 'most disgusting thing ever'. The other day, I was at the apartment of a Venezuelan friend who was cleaning out some of her drawers in preparation to move the next week. She opened a cabinet saying this where she put everything she didn't like. Inside, among a few other things, was a big jar of peanut butter. She told me she bought it because she always saw it in the movies, but couldn't eat more than a bite. So she gave it to me. A nice gift because "Capitan Mani" Spanish Peanut Butter is no cheap buy! You will never seen a Spaniard eating this for lunch because sandwiches don't suffice for a real lunch, or so I've been told.

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