Sunday, September 25, 2011

Driving? No thanks.

  Madrid has great public transportation. Although walking is not a problem here, the Metro is very user-friendly and efficient. It goes everywhere (cough, cough, MARTA) and besides that, it's nice! The trains are so clean and  most have tvs exhibiting local attractions.

Here's the Metro by our apartment; nice tile design.

As much as I loved my Jeep, I do not miss driving at all. Which works out well because I'm probably the onlyperson that gets lost with a GPS and still doesn't understand the Athens loop after living there 5 years. 

  The only not straightforward thing about transportation here is buying monthly passes. You have to apply for a monthly pass before you can buy one. Oh, and for some reason, these applications can only be bought at Tobacco stores (not at the bus or Metro station or any other place that would actually make sense). People love to smoke here way too much.  We now have our accepted application card and are ready to get our October pass and ride, ride, ride!


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